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Spain reaches the ‘New World’ c.1490-1512 

This unit explores the sponsorship of Christopher Columbus and his voyages to the New world. It then goes on to explore the impact of Columbus’ actions in the New World (the Americas, Caribbean and Bermuda). Finally, the significance for Spain of Columbus’ claims in the Caribbean. 


Spain and the New World – The Conquistadors 1513-c1528 

This unit explorers the impact of armed adventurer’s om the expansion of the Spanish empire. The significance of establishing settlements on mainland America and the reasons why the Spanish Empire expanded so rapidly. 


Spain and the New World – The Spanish Empire c1528-1555 

This unit explore the significance of Pizarros conquest of the Incas and the ways in which the Spanish Empire developed in the New World. Then going on to analyse the impact of the New World on Spain with the encomienda system and the appointment on Viceroys. 


Henry VIII and Wolsey,1509-1529 

This unit explores Henry VIII character and his aims at the start of his reign. We investigate the rise of Thomas Wolsey and the impact of Henrys domestic and foreign policy. The events that lead to Henry VIII wanting an annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon and how this led to Wolseys downfall. 


Henry VIII and Cromwell,1529-1540 

This chapter analyses Thomas Cromwell’s rise to power and the role he played in securing Henry VIIIs divorce to Catherine of Aragon. The unit then develops to look at the reasons for the fall of Anne Boleyn and the impact of Henrys marriage to Jane Seymour. Finishing off with investigating Cromwell’s reforms to government and finance and Cromwell’s fall from power in 1540. 


The Reformation and its impact,1529-1540 

This unit explores Henrys reasons to break with Rome and how Cromwell secured this. It analyses the changes to the English church during the reformation and the impact this had on the monasteries. Finally exploring the significance of the dissolution of the monasteries and the Pilgrimage of Grace. 



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