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Year 11 Engineering



What are we learning 


1 & 2  

Unit 1- Manufacturing Engineering Products (Internal 40%)- As assignment brief will be provided by WJEC that will include a scenario and several tasks available via the WJEC Secure Website 

Unit 1 provides learners with the opportunity to interpret different types of engineering information to plan how to manufacture engineering products. Learners will develop knowledge, understanding and skills in using a range of engineering tools and equipment to manufacture and test an end product. 

1.1 Understanding engineering drawings 

1.2 Planning manufacturing 

1.3 Using engineering tools and equipment 

1.4 Implementing engineering processes 

Practical based on WJEC Brief that is released in June 

3 & 4 

Unit 2-Designing Engineering Products (Internal 20%)- As assignment brief will be provided by WJEC that will include a scenario and several tasks available via the WJEC Secure Website 

Unit 2 allows learners to explore how an engineered product is adapted and improved over time, and it offers learners the opportunity to apply their knowledge and understanding to adapt an existing component, element, or part of the engineering outcome that they manufactured for Unit 1. 

2.1 Understanding function and meeting requirements 

2.2 Proposing design solutions 

2.3 Communicating an engineered design solution 

2.4 Solving engineering problems 

5 & 6 

Unit 3- Solving Engineering Problems (External 40%)- Questions requiring objective responses, short and extended answers based around applied situations. Learners will be required to used stimulus material to respond to questions.  

Unit 3 introduces learners to a range of considerations that impact on engineering design and how modern engineering has had an impact on modern day life at home, work and in society in general 

3.1 Understanding the effects of engineering achievements 

3.2 Understanding properties of engineering materials 

3.3 Understanding methods of preparation, forming, joining and  

finishing of engineering materials 

3.4 Solving engineering problems 




Design and Technology - BBC Bitesize 

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