Key People

Please refer to the staffing guide below to help you determine who would be the best person to speak to. Parents should use their Epraise app to contact us.

Senior Leadership Team

Karen Wright Secondary Headteacher and Cluster Development Lead
Alice Lawrence  Senior Vice Principal  - Pastoral
Lorraine Jordan Vice Principal - Teaching & Learning
Sam Jadeja Strategic Director Finance & Business Support
Emma Drinkwater Senior Assistant Principal -  Pastoral
Nick Warren Assistant Principal - Pastoral
Zoe Thompson Senior Assistant Principal - Teaching & Learning 
Laura Dodsworth Assistant Principal - UCSF (Sixth Form)
Sarah Morgan Assistant Principal - Teacher Training & Development
Chris Oke Assistant Principal - Pastoral & SEN
David Harris Assistant Principal - Teaching & Learning 
Luke Roche Assistant Principal - Maths

Curriculum Leaders

Emma Cole and Debbie Carryl English 
Atria Seneriz Alvarez Languages
Louise Rowe Science
Luke Roche Maths & Business
Danielle Boucher Sport
Laura Thomas Design and Art
Helen Green Social Sciences
Calam Greenwood Geography
Rehana Suleman & Chris Oke Inclusion
Helen Welsby Music

College Champions

Chris Oke Senior College Champion
Matthew Jones Bath
Jacob Turner Cambridge
Jess Capstick Imperial
Shawnee Thomas                                 Warwick

College Managers

Sharon Aplin Senior College Manager
Cat Roberts Bath
Shannon Oakley            Cambridge
Natalie Chapman Imperial 
Becky Harding Warwick