What Our Parents Say

“Since attending Swindon Academy’s Nursery, my son is now confident to talk to more people when we are out and about. He is more confident in himself and has his own friendship groups. It has also helped him to be more responsible and independent” – Sheree Brown

“My daughter is more vocal and loves coming to Nursery. She’s learnt more numbers, colours and shapes since she started” – Sarah Ogundokun

“My son’s language is so good now. He is talking more and I can understand him better. He’s much more confident” – Lisa Burry

“Mrs Wilson is brilliant. She gave me so much reassurance when my son was ill. Now I know my daughter is safe in a Nursery that is so lovely and spacious, with loads of resources and plenty for the children to do. It just looks so inviting” – Sarah Mackie

“Since Charlie started Nursery, she seems a lot happier with playing with others.  For example, her speech has come on (singing and rhymes etc).  She even eats/asks for fruit to eat at home.  Overall I am really pleased with her progress.”

“Since Ella-J started Nursery she sings and talks a lot more.  She says she loves school and she is showing lots of signs of progress since she has been attending the Nursery.”

"Since Kiea-Louise started Nursery she has achieved so much and has come so far.  She really enjoys nursery.  I am so proud of how much she is progressing.”