Rewards and Celebrations

At Alton Close we believe rewards are intrinsic and built into every part of the school day. Our values of Kindness, Responsibility and Hard Work help our pupils and staff understand that school is what you make it and being enthusiastic and determined to achieve and enjoy every day will bring its own rewards.

Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate, when practiced either towards others or to ourselves it can promote positive mental and physical wellbeing as well as help relieve stress and anxiety.

Responsibility is demonstrated by actions and deeds. Being able to take responsibility for our actions is extremely important. Once you can accept that you are in control of everything you do you can start to rely on yourself to get things done, and not blame anyone else if it doesn’t happen.

Hard work requires a great deal of effort or endurance, which can lead to achievement and success. The sense of achievement can lead to happiness and improved wellbeing.

Practicing our values in school every day is rewarding and develops a strong sense of achievement and satisfaction.

We celebrate our values in many ways at Alton Close:

  • A simple thank you or acknowledgement from pupil to pupil, adult to pupil or pupil to adult when they are observed
  • Awarding of EPRAISE points when the values are observed
  • Daily Wish You Wells in Class Meetings
  • Compliments to class Pupil of the Day
  • Certificates in weekly assemblies
  • Applauding pupils, classes and Colleges with the most EPRAISE points
  • EPRAISE awards and prizes
  • Phase Celebration Assemblies