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Year 7 Music



What are we learning 



I’ve Got Rhythm 

Students in this unit will know and understand the key terms rhythm and pulse. Throughout the unit we will study basic note values up to 4 beats, including rests, time signatures and accents. Students will also develop a feel for and understanding of pulse, beat and rhythm through performing, listening and composing in a stomp style.  


Find Your Voice  

Students in this unit will learn about singing technique, posture and projection. Throughout this unit we will be singing using different techniques like rounds, canon and basic two part harmony as well as learning about the musical elements using MAD T SHIRT (Melody, Articulation, Dynamics, Tempo, Structure, Harmony, Instrumentation, Rhythm and Texture)  


Let’s Play Keyboard 

In this unit, students learn about the fundamentals of keyboard performance including correct finger position, treble clef notation and rhythm. Students will learn a variety of songs ranging from classical music to popular songs whilst developing their playing technique and confidence  


Let’s Play Keyboard Pt2 

In this second part of the unit, we move onto look at sharps, flats and naturals – exploring the chromatic scale and its use in music from the classical era and the world of film.  


Descriptive Music and the Orchestra 

Students will learn about the Orchestra and its families of instruments, learning what their unique qualities are and how to recognise them when listening to music. We will then explore how music is used as a descriptive tool by studying Prokovief’s Peter and the Wolf and Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals before getting creative and composing our own animal themes using classroom instruments.  


Play the Uke 

In this unit, students will learn about the playing techniques of the ukulele, using key knowledge from the keyboard unit we will learn to read ukulele tablature and chords – playing a range of songs from popular music to folk music and beyond. Students will work in small groups to put together a performance as an ensemble.  



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