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Worldviews in 1000 

Contrary to many traditional depictions, the medieval world was vast, complex and interconnected. This unit immediately challenges Eurocentric views of history as students are introduced to the diversity and vastness of the Christian (Constantinople) and Islamic (Baghdad) worlds, their seats of power and how they were connected. 


The Norman Conquest 

The transfer of power happened between the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms and the Normans through a strong military campaign. The new monarch consolidated power through a mix of control by fear. 


Religion in the Middle Ages 

This unit aims to give students an overview of the power and impact of religion in the medieval period. It looks at the services provided to the community by monks and nuns, the fundamental importance of the Church in everyday life and the impact of the crusades on Europe.  


14th Century Mali 

This unit provides an opportunity to understand the medieval period beyond the borders of England. Students will examine powerful empress and leaders beyond Europe and the Catholic Church and to give students a grounding in pre-colonial African history.  


Challenges to Medieval Monarchs 

Medieval monarchs held absolute authority under the feudal system in theory, in practice there were challenges from other strong individuals, institutions and even groups of ordinary people. In this unit we investigate the religious, political and social challenges faced by Medieval monarchs and the long-term impacts these had.  


The Renaissance  

This topic expands students’ prior knowledge of Europe and provides a bridge from the medieval period to the early modern period of the Tudors and Reformation which will be studied at the start of Y8. It focuses on the way Europe came through its dark ages to rediscover learning and science, looking past the controlling doctrine of the Church. 


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