Our College System

The College System at Swindon Academy is a key aspect of our school.

Our four colleges, Bath, Cambridge, Imperial and Warwick, are named after four top universities.  Association with aspiring universities encourages our students to have aspirational ambitions and to be the best they can be. We firmly believe that the sense of identity and belonging created through the college system allows all students and staff to play their part in making us an exceptional and unique learning environment.

Throughout the year, the College Championship provides opportunities for healthy competition and fun through a wide range of competitions. Each competition has a set number of college points which are allocated to colleges once results have been decided.

College points are added to our Championship totalizer with the winning college being awarded the College Championship at the end of the year. The current holders are Imperial College.

Each house is led by a college leader.  They are supported by college managers and a team of tutors. Students hold elections each year to appoint their college captains and tutor captains.