The English Department at Swindon Academy is committed to developing each pupil’s ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, to understand and respond appropriately to what they hear, read and experience. 

We want to instill a lifelong love of reading in our students so they can appreciate the magical power of storytelling alongside achieving academic excellence.  The study of English at Swindon Academy will develop each pupil’s self-esteem and self-confidence as well as giving them an intellectual understanding of Literature and a secure command of the English Language so that they can reach far and pursue excellence in further education and the world of work.

Extra-Curricular English

Enrichment outside of the classroom is an important part of the English curriculum.  In collaboration with the school library, every year students take part in the Swindon Literature Festival.  Events such as the fastest story competition, poetry workshops and hosting visiting authors are annual events.  As part of the Swindon+ programme, we will be offering clubs for all students to attend, such as Debating Club, curriculum support sessions and an Elite Reader's Society for the most able.  We will also be holding school-wide events on World Book Day, a range of residential trips that allow students to experience the Globe Theatre, the home of Charles Dickens, a wealth of theatre and poetry events and the battlefields of northern France to really bring poetry to life.

We offer all this, in addition to various competitions throughout the year, to encourage a passion for English throughout the school.  We really hope that students will leave with a passion for our subject.

If you have any questions on the English curriculum please contact one of the Curriculum Leaders, via email, either at Debbie.Carryl@swindon-academy.org or Emma.Cole@swindon-academy.org