At Swindon Academy, all students follow the United Learning Mathematics Curriculum up to Year 11.

This carefully crafted curriculum simultaneously promotes retention of knowledge and depth of learning.  At the heart of this approach is our belief that all students have the right to an outstanding level of education. Pupil progress is paramount, and this informs our classroom approach at all times; students are expected to master all concepts taught and they are challenged to retain this knowledge over time in preparation for their GCSE exams in Year 11.

Students in Year 11 follow an innovative curriculum which combines both traditional and modern styles of teaching, the key to this approach is preparing students to achieve the best grades they can in their GCSE examinations.

Staff are both high experienced and well trained in the changes set out in the new style GSCE curriculum.  We encourage students to think and communicate mathematically, as well as placing emphasis on developing students’ skill sets to be able to problem solve effectively.

At KS5 we offer both Pure and Further A-Level Mathematics. Our dedicated and highly qualified KS5 Maths team deliver our innovative two-year curriculum with both skill and enthusiasm. Students benefit from small class sizes and a highly supportive sixth form team. Students have 4 hours of lessons a week and are expected to complete 4 hours of prep work. Student progress is reviewed regularly with assessments completed at the end of each topic.

In the Maths department, staff expect students to have a rigorous and academic approach to school life. We encourage students to take ownership of their studies, we believe that prep work is key to ensuring a deep understanding of topics they are learning.  In Year 7 students can expect prep work once a week utilising the new dynamic SPARX platform.  In Years 8, 9, 10 & 11, students are expected to complete prep work twice a week usually in the form of the easily accessible Hegarty Maths homework platform. 

As a department, we are continually updating our numeracy policy and strategies to ensure students at Swindon Academy leave school with a strong mathematical foundation.  If you would like to discuss strategies to support your child’s numeracy, please feel free to contact us in the mathematics department.