Business and Computer Science (BCS)

The BCS faculty covers the subjects of Business Studies and Computer Science.  

What will the technological world and working environment look like in the year to come? Nobody knows. What we do know however, is that whatever it does look like it will rapidly change throughout our students’ lifetimes and it is our duty to prepare our students for what may become their future. Our mission is to inspire our students. We’ll take them on a diverse journey of excitement and challenge with the sole aim of proving them with insight to the world of Business and Computer Science.   

Studying Computer Science is exciting and gives young people great opportunities in life. Students will learn programming languages that will allow them to design and create software such as games and apps. Computer education enhances computational and logical thinking and instigate technological progress, which is a major determinant to the future of the economy and can be an asset in improving students' computing literacy and overall learning ability. 

Studying Business Studies allows students to explore business behaviour and understand how all types of businesses operate and what can help it succeed. It combines well with all other subjects and is a fantastic life skill to have as most of us will work for a company or our own business. Lessons are conducted in a dedicated ICT suite for all levels and these benefits also develop vital computer skills for the workplace. 

Full details of the BCS curriculum at key stages 3, 4 and 5:

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, students have the option of studying Computer Science, Creative iMedia and Business Studies.  In Business Studies, students are inspired, moved and challenged by following a broad and satisfying course that will build their knowledge and confidence. During this course they gain insight into how businesses are developed and operate.   

In Computer Science, students are motivated and challenged in a whole new way as they study Computer Science in a practical and theoretical sense.  We facilitate and promote both their curiosity and independence. We teach them how to program using Python and challenge their understanding across a wide range of theory topics. They will be inspired by writing their own programs and to use software that they have made. 

In Creative iMedia, students will exercise their creativity and be exposed to software and techniques that will help them to create interactive products, such as digital media and websites.  

Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5, students will be exposed to a more professional environment where both Computer Science and Business Studies will prepare them for A Level exams and will give them the tools to build their confidence and self-presentation skills. For a full list of courses available in the Sixth Form please click here

Extra-Curricular Business and IT

The Business and Computer Science Faculty offers a variety of after-school clubs and competitions.  There is the opportunity to attend the Code Club and many other clubs after school.  There are also school competitions on designing inventions and discussing human rights.  

If you have any queries about the BCS curriculum, please contact Mrs Thompson via email at