How Marlborough College Supports the Grammar Stream

Marlborough College and Swindon Academy have successfully worked in partnership for 15 years. Teachers share best practice with one another and enjoy a schedule of shared development opportunities throughout the year. Students take part in weekend residential study sessions at Marlborough College and receive subject mentoring.  

Support with UCAS applications at sixth form is also provided.

The Partnership Manager is based at Marlborough College for three days and at Swindon Academy for two days each week.  He ensures excellent communication between the two schools.  In addition, staff from Swindon Academy and Marlborough College work together as follows:

  • The Grammar Stream Steering Group encompasses senior leaders from both Marlborough College and Swindon Academy.
  • Marlborough College brings expertise in developing a highly academic curriculum.
  • Schemes of work, teaching resources and strategies to stretch and challenge the most able are shared and discussed between the two schools.
  • An annual calendar of enrichment and extension activities at Marlborough College is created for Grammar Stream pupils.
  • During years 10/11, all pupils in the Grammar Stream will have an opportunity to apply for the Marlborough College Sixth Form Bursary

Two successful students will benefit from a full Sixth Form Boarding Bursary to Marlborough College worth over £30,000