What is a Grammar Stream?

Swindon Academy Grammar Stream was launched in September 2016 and is the only Grammar Stream in Swindon.  A Grammar Stream is an educational arrangement whereby a group of students are educated in a mainstream school, but follow a Grammar School-style curriculum that is taught by subject specialist teachers. 

All pupils in the Grammar Stream have been identified as having the ability to understand the level at which work is taught, meaning that the teacher has less differentiation to address in their teaching and the group will make good progress together.

A Grammar Stream has several advantages over Grammar Schools:  firstly, a Grammar Stream in Swindon enables local pupils to enjoy a Grammar-style curriculum, without having to undertake a long bus journey twice daily to Grammar Schools outside of the Swindon area.  Secondly, pupils who attend the Grammar Stream are from a variety of backgrounds and are mixed gender, meaning that pupils learn how to socialise and communicate effectively with others.

Swindon Academy is well-placed to provide a Grammar Stream for several reasons:  Firstly, we have a highly successful partnership with Marlborough College, a prestigious private school that supports the educational experiences of our pupils.  Secondly, Swindon Academy was rated a ‘Good’ by Ofsted in June 2022 in all areas.  Thirdly, Swindon Academy is the top school in Swindon for student progress.