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Meet the Sixth Form Executive Team


What process did you have to follow to get this role?

The process involved filling in an application form and a rigorous interview process which included a presentation on ‘What were the most important issues facing young people.’

What does the role entail?

With the role comes the responsibility of setting a good example and being supportive of other students throughout the academy and being their voice when it comes to changes.  Speaking in assembles and representing the academy as an ambassador at different events are also key tasks of the role.

What do you feel are the benefits associated with holding this position?

Gaining experience of leadership and teamwork opportunities; improved confidence and a better student-teacher relationship.

Has this role helped your CV/university application?

Definitely, as it was a talking point at university interview.  It gave me some great skills to put on my application such as leadership and public speaking as well as my ability to present myself to my interviewer in a competent and confident manner.

The Student Council

The Student Council is a vital part of the operation of any good school, and Swindon Academy is no exception. We deeply value our School Council and the democratic principles (communal responsibility, tolerance and respect) which it helps to instil in both our students and our wider school ethos. Our Sixth Form are very much a part of our School Council.  

Much like the wise elders of the Roman Senate, our Sixth Former’s maturity and experience are greatly valued in the operation of the School Council: they are diligent speakers in council meetings, and they often play a crucial role in its day to day operation throughout the school, as role models and mentors to younger students for example. Further to this, however, there is the opportunity for some Sixth Formers to ‘Head’ the student council. The Sixth Form Executive Team (consisting of the Head Girl and Head Boy, Rebekah Lyon and Jack England, and Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy, Ellie Holloway and Jordan Bennett) form the top of the School Council.  As the ‘Head’ of the student council, the Sixth Form Executive have several main roles and responsibilities to the student body:

  • Student Ambassadors – Firstly, the Sixth Form Executive team become ambassadors for the school and the wider student body. They will be called upon to meet and greet visitors, provide tours of the school and its facilities, and attend various after-school events, representing both their own and their peers views and experiences of the academy;
  • Senior Council Meeting with Senior Leadership Team – The Head Girl and Head Boy are to formally meet with members of the Senior Leadership Team in Senior Council meetings once every 12 week term. This senior meeting will feedback the issues raised at the lower College Council, and the solutions proposed at the more immediate Academy Council in order to evoke change and improve Swindon Academy.  
  • Outstanding Role Model and Confidant – All of our Sixth Form are expected to be role models to the younger students. As a member of the Sixth Form Executive Team, however, students are expected to be exemplary role models who embody what it means to be a Swindon Academy student. In particular, they are expected to a listening ear to the issues of their peers and help to mediate the gap between staff and student views.
  • Lead in Extra-Curricular Events – The Sixth Form Executive are also expected to take a leading role in many of the extra-curricular happenings we have going on in the academy throughout the year. For example, our Sixth Form Executive took the lead in the academy’s Remembrance Day service, conducting a reading before the two minute silence. And again being heavily involved in the Comic Relief events that took place across the academy.

These responsibilities place requirements upon the Executive Team members, and so election success for the roles is subject to feedback from both students and staff, helping to ensure they fairly represent the interests of everyone in the school. This group of students are elected through a tiered democratic process consisting of three stages, featuring: Stage 1: an initial Letter of Application; Stage 2: Applicant Speeches on a given topic to the student body; and Stage 3: Formal Interviews with members of the Sixth Form Support Team.  

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