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How to Revise Successfully

Supporting Students

We recognise that students need support in making the leap from GCSE to A Level study. 

We aim to provide support for students’ learning and study skills but also prioritise students’ wellbeing, support with career planning and are always ready to listen and support with other difficulties.  The team dedicated to supporting our Sixth Form students are:

  • Laura Dodsworth - Assistant Head with overall responsibility for the Sixth Form 
  • Angharad England - Director of Sixth Form
  • Alice Lewis - Director of Sixth Form
  • Tayler Eldred  - STEM Grammar Stream Co-ordinator with responsibility for higher attainers  
  • Bethany Rose - Study Manager, supporting  students with work and wellbeing
  • Luke Mcguire - Study Manager, supporting  students with work and wellbeing
  • And a team of highly qualified subject teachers

Wellbeing / Safeguarding Support

It is vital that students feel safe and well if they are to achieve their target grades, and ultimately go on to follow the career of their dreams.  Swindon Academy has a small Sixth Form which enables staff to work closely with pupils and know them well.  There are a number of dedicated staff who work in the Sixth Form (see section above), however in addition to these students can also receive support from their Tutor, School Counsellor, the Chaplaincy Team and our Lead Child Protection Officer. 

Learning and Study Skills Support

Students receive support from a variety of personnel within the Sixth From team who each have their own areas of expertise. Students are allocated a Tutor and their own Academic Mentor, who provide support and advice as required.  

Through our partnership with Marlborough College, support and preparation for UCAT, BMAT, PAT or LNAT tests is provided as well as a range of revision sessions.  This partnership gives students the opportunity to visit Marlborough College, meet students who have the same aspirations, and compare notes. 

In addition to this, students who wish to apply for university places benefit from support in writing their UCAS applications, guiding their competency skills and interview practice. 

Financial Support

The 16-19 Bursary Fund is made available by the Government through its funding body, the Education Funding Agency, for 16-19 years old students and is to provide assistance to students whose access to, or completion of, education is inhibited by financial constraints or barriers.  The Bursary Fund is to be used for transport costs to and from your further education establishment, essential course equipment, trips, uniform, materials, meals, university days, open days etc. 


If you are in receipt of Free School Meals then you are eligible for the bursary and no further evidence is required other than details of what the financial assistance will be used for. 

If you or your family are not yet in receipt of Free School Meals then you will not be eligible for a bursary payment.  Please ask for a Free School Meal application form from the student reception, complete the form and send it back to the Sixth Form Administrator.  Alternatively, if you live in Swindon you can make an application online 

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