What is life like at United College Sixth Form?

Choosing your Sixth Form is a big decision. UCSF attracts students from all over Swindon, in fact about 45% of our students did not take their GCSEs at Swindon Academy.  We also offer the only Sixth Form Grammar Stream STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) in the area. Our Career Pathways make it simple to follow a route into the career of your choice: not just choosing the right subjects, but enhancing your study time with extra-curricular activities, talks and bespoke support designed around your aspirations.

We encourage all our students to apply for the top universities, or we help them move into ambitious careers after they finish school. We're friendly and supportive, making sure you keep up with all your courses, and leave United College Sixth Form with lifelong friends.

United College Sixth Form 2022-23

Science Technology Engineering & Maths

STEM career pathways at United College Sixth Form

Friendly Community at UCSF

United College Sixth Form offers a close knit and friendly environment. Mornings start with a coffee in the common room, and this Sixth Form is the right scale for you to feel you're part of the community, unlike many larger colleges.

United College Sixth Form Academic Support

We offer a great structure and lots of staff support to keep you on track through your studies