The STEM Team at United College Sixth Form

STEM Career Pathways

STEM Career Pathways are led by Mrs Dodsworth, who is the Grammar Stream Coordinator and Director of Sixth Form.


The Science Faculty is led by Dr Louise Rowe. The team benefits from specialist teachers who are well qualified in biology, chemistry and physics.


Engineering is led by Joe Lewis who is also Director of Sixth Form


United College Sixth Form is based at Swindon Academy, which is the lead school for the Swindon Challenge Maths Project. We work closely with six Swindon Schools to lead positive change in the teaching of mathematics in the town. The Maths Faculty works to support teachers of students from Year 7 – Year 13. Our students benefit from being at the cutting edge of maths teaching.  The Maths Faculty is led by Mr Roche. Mr Daycock is the Sixth Form Leader for Maths.