Subjects on offer

A central aspect of the STEM Grammar Stream curriculum is that all Grammar Stream students study at least two STEM subjects from the list in their chosen pathway.  Our full list of STEM core subjects is below.  To view the STEM Pathways and their complimentary subjects, please click here

  • Mathematics
  • Further Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Applied Science
  • Engineering
  • Product Design
  • Computer Science
  • Business Studies

In addition to A Levels, STEM Grammar Stream students may choose to complete an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). The EPQ introduces students to the rigorous process of research and allows them to apply these skills in a subject area of their choice. It is an excellent qualification, worth more UCAS points than an AS Level, and it provides excellent grounding for the research demands faced as an undergraduate. The third and fourth subject can be chosen from the extensive range of Sixth Form courses on offer.

Entry Requirements

Students may apply to attend United College Sixth Form using the application form online. They should indicate on the form that they wish to be considered for the STEM Grammar Stream.  Our core entry requirements for entrance to the STEM Grammar Stream are six or more GCSEs at grade 5/6 (minimum of a grade 5 in English). Students will also need to achieve at least a grade 7 in the STEM subjects they wish to study at A Level. If a student is new to a subject we will consider achievement in the GCSE that most closely corresponds. Interviews are an important part of our application process, giving the opportunity to explore a student’s strengths and interests and provide advice and guidance. We will apply some flexibility with students who demonstrate aptitude and enthusiasm for their chosen subject, yet may not fully match our base entry requirements.

The Sixth Form Application Form can be found on our  "How to Apply" page here.