Open Evening Wednesday 1 November 6pm

Meet teaching staff & ask about your Career Pathway. Get the feel of the place and see why UCSF students get the results they need to move into their preferred university and/or career...

This is United College Sixth Form

I am very proud to lead United College Sixth Form (UCSF). We've designed the curriculum so that our students are provided with the environment, ethos and opportunities to develop high performing skills and qualities. This enables them to go onto the next stage of their life as confident and competent individuals.

We understand that it can be daunting moving from GCSE into A Levels, so we offer an exceptional level of support to keep you on track: both in terms of academic direction and study skills support, but we also prioritise our students’ wellbeing. UCSF has a big family feel; everyone gets together in the dedicated Sixth Form centre. Within the centre, students have their own library, study rooms and ICT facilities. There is also a common room for the students to meet, work together and relax.

As well as a strong focus on their academic work, we encourage all UCSF students to be fully involved in the life of the Academy. Our Sixth Formers play an important role as leaders and role models to the younger years. We have a large student leadership team run by the Student Presidents. Roles within the team involve leading on student wellbeing, running charity and cultural events, academic mentors and much more. As well as contributing to the wider community these opportunities encourage the development of those skills which universities and employers are looking for.

Being a student here is an exhilarating and rewarding experience which will equip you to take those next steps. We look forward to welcoming you and supporting you on your journey to a bright future. 

Mrs Laura Dodsworth  
Assistant Principal

Best ever A Levels this year!

Where have they gone?

Astronautics and Aerospace at Southampton University - Robotics at UWE - Midwifery at Cardiff University - Civil Engineering at UCL - Psychology at UWE - Computer Science at Reading - Music Performance at BIMM - Maths & Statistics at Cardiff University - Interior Design at University of Gloucestershire - Architecture, Design & Technology at UWE - Midwifery at Oxford Brookes - Computer Science at Cardiff Met - Primary Education at South Wales University..... plus vocational apprenticeships at key employers such as St James Place, Cirencester