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Published on 14 June 2015

The CPD package for teachers at Swindon academy is:


Featuring internal keynote speakers, current and up to date


Tailored to the needs of all teachers, supportive, focused on developing trusting relationships, featuring differentiated pathways and generating opportunities to collaborate and share good practice

High Impact

Informed by research, rooted in classroom practice, focused on having a direct impact on our  learners using an Action-Reflection-Cycle 

To achieve these aims, the model we have developed is based on that identified by Shaun Allison in his book Perfect Teacher-Led CPD.

We are also a part ofUnited Learning  and have kept in mind thei Institute’s phases for Professional Development, which are summarised in the diagram below:

These phases are not entirely sequential as Step Up and Extend opportunities can be undertaken concurrently

Bringing these two models together, we have devised the following framework.

Monthly Staff Sessions:

To make this model work, alongside our weekly Teaching and Learning Briefings, in 2015-16 there will be monthly, two hour Teacher CPD Sessions. These will be divided into a number of slots. 

Slot One - Whole staff training, where required:

These slots will enable us to share key messages with all teaching staff when these cannot be shared effectively through Monday or Friday briefings or electronically.

Slot Two - Whole staff Teach Meet. 

Each month there will be a Teaching to Excellence focus based on our Teaching and Learning Model. 

This slot will be made up of two ten minute presentations from speakers who will have been chosen at the start of term. These people will deliver findings from their work in developing the focus for that term in their own classrooms.

There will also be three five minute presentations from staff identified as having set up or embedded a particular aspect of the monthly focus really well during learning walks, ELCs or through coaching. These members of staff would be approached at least a week prior to the session. 

Finally, there will be a number of 2 minute "show and tell" presentations from the rest of the staff on aspects of pedagogy which they have been developing in their practice. These don't have to link to the monthly focus and could feature the sharing of a resource, a strategy or a technique. 

To end, there will be a 10 minute presentation on the focus for the following month will then be delivered by a member of SLT or a member of staff we know to already have a strength in the area. 

Slot Three – Optional or Directed Sessions 

The second hour will be spent in one of four sessions. Protocols will be written up for each of these but they will all be built around a Share-Plan-Action-Review cycle. 

The four options will be: 

Teaching to Excellence Workshops

Staff will take part in workshops focused on embedding our Teach Like a Champion strategies or aspects which are relevant to current Academy priorities such as Above and Beyond or E-Learning. There will be two workshops each month.

IRIS Blockbusters

Staff will sign up for a term working in triads on developing one of the Teach Like a Champion strategies in their classroom and reviewing the video footage with others during the sessions.

Pedageek's Book Club

Staff will sign up to reading a book and taking part in a book club discussion about the contents of the book and the impact it could have on their classroom practice.

Practice Perfect

Staff will sign up to a workshop focusing on an aspect of teaching and learning which will include opportunities to practice relevant skills and strategies.

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